Join Women of the Table as they discuss the “hot topic” of Christian discipleship. What is discipleship? How should it be done? What are common hindra...View Details

Seriously Funny

Can Christians be funny? SHOULD they be funny? Can Christians have a God honoring sense of humor?!? Despite popular belief, Christians don't have to a...View Details

Why should Christians think about technology? Technology offers insight into what problems human's seek to solve, and how (rightly and wrongly) to sol...View Details

Chances are, you or someone you know, has experienced a form of mental turmoil or has been diagnosed with a mental illness. So, some questions must be...View Details

We've seen unbiblical meditation being suggested by doctors, friends, and our favorite internet personalities. As Christians we may know that this typ...View Details

Story Time with Betsy!

In this short episode of WoTT, Betsy is flying solo. Enjoy her ramblings about soft pretzels, gardening and UFOs! Don’t forget to let us know if this ...View Details

Fear destroys fear

Do you consider yourself a fearful person? Did you know that the Bible addresses our fear, in the form of instruction, over 300 times? Scripture has a...View Details

Join Betsy and Michelle on this special Bible study episode, where they trek through the first chapter of James. Tag along and learn how to apply the ...View Details

In this episode, Michelle gives us a brief history over the current trend of deliverance ministries, defines demon possession and oppression, asks the...View Details

We live in a world that is driven by pride, self-esteem, personal achievement, and self-focus. Besty and Michelle discuss how pride plays out in the c...View Details

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