In 1 Corinthians 11, we see Paul give instructions for praying and prophesying in the gathering of the church. These instructions include what's on, o...View Details

"Bibliolatry" aka Bible worship. Is there a way we can turn Bible study into a sinful habit? Can we elevate scripture to a point where we are worshipi...View Details

In a language full of homonyms, hate speech, and hundreds of newly created words every year, sometimes we have to stop and ask "What are you talking a...View Details

Many Christians struggle frequently with spiritual apathy. Sometimes we find it hard to feel joy in reading God's word, serving others, fighting sin, ...View Details

Creating for the Creator

Not all heroes wear capes! Betsy does a solo trek this week, talking turkeys, creating, and glorifying God in all that we are given skill to do!  If y...View Details

In this holiday special, Betsy and Michelle talk the future of Women of the Table, what they have learned about God this year, play "would you rather"...View Details

Oh, Goodness!

Join the girls as they discuss another attribute of God - his goodness! How does God’s goodness compare to man’s goodness? How can a powerful and good...View Details

The Immutable God

Join Betsy and Michelle as they start investigating the attributes of God. In this episode the girls discuss God's immutability, what that means, why ...View Details

Betsy and Michelle talk purity culture, a new wave of public school education policy, and what it meant to really be pure. 

When prosperity gospel, word of faith, pragmatism, cultural Christianity and man-centered theology collide, you get the hideous creature called Morali...View Details

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