In 1 Corinthians 11, we see Paul give instructions for praying and prophesying in the gathering of the church. These instructions include what's on, or off, our heads. Many faithful teachers have disagreed on the continued use of head coverings. Is it a principle that transcends time and culture? Or is it a custom of that age, subject to change in application to fit the current culture? Betsy and Michelle struggle together through this depthy passage of scripture - taking stances for themselves and providing both cultural and transcendent principles behind it. Join us at the table, bring your Bible, and have more clarity on whether this passage presents a custom or principle!


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Oops! Michelle and Betsy were having so much fun and forgot to discuss consistently handling scripture when it comes to head covering and women preachers. Are we to handle both of these portions of scripture the same? You may find two articles below investigating both sides of the argument. We pray you think through this portion of scripture and come to a Spirit-led conviction that glorifies God.


Below are the sources we spoke of and used while studying this passage on head covering:


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